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Improve Tech Coaching Across Your School or District

In this interactive and engaging 20-contact-hour professional development course, you will learn to use the TIM Coaching Tool (TIM-C) to document coaching cycles in your schools.

For a teacher and coach, the TIM-C will provide an easy way to document their coaching relationship. For the school or district leader, the TIM-C will provide useful data about the strengths and areas for improvement of your coaching program. We will begin offering this online course during spring semester 2020. We expect the first session will be offered in February.

For more information about the TIM-C and the entire TIM Evaluation Tools Suite, please visit mytechmatrix.org. If you have questions about the TIM-C or this course, please email us at TIM@fcit.us.

Is the course just for technology coaches?
It’s for anyone interested in using the TIM-C as a coaching tool. All of the examples discussed within the course will be drawn from technology coaching, but the TIM-C itself can be used for coaching in any subject area. We welcome those who want to learn how to use the TIM-C to support coaching in general as long as participants understand that any examples given will be related to K-12 technology integration coaching rather than content areas such as reading or math.

Are there any prerequisites?
The only requirement is that you care about providing the best coaching or mentoring possible at your school or district.

Is course based on a specific model of coaching?
No. The TIM-C doesn’t specify which coaching or mentoring model you will use. The goal of the course is to empower participants to use the TIM-C to support any model that their respective schools or districts have adopted.